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Pattern Bralette Berry is made entirely of elastic atlas (man-made silk)
A wide belt under the breast, made of atlas and rubber band inside, has a supporting function besides the decorative one.
The plastic bones the side detail and gives additional support to the breast.
The pattern bralette Berry adjustable straps.
Offers unparalleled comfort and freedom to move. An essential addition to your top-drawer, this soft triangle bra has been crafted without wiring or padding for natural support and shaping

Recommended materials

To sew these bralette choose materials linen group, whith the following properties:

  • plastic, soft, stretchable;
  • the material composition can be natural (silk+elastane), artificial (viscose+elastane) and synthetic fibers (polyamide+elastane, polyester+elastane);
  • for this bralette we recommend natural or synthetic satin or atlas with a stretch factor of 15%.

In the photo the model is made of man-made silk (satin) with an addition of elastane (92% polyamide/8% elastane). This material is soft, flexible and stretchable only in the weft.

Materials for sewing and consumption (photo of materials in the gallery)

  1. Stretch atlas (tensile coefficient 0.85 weft) – 40 cm with a width of 1.2 m
  2. Strap elastic width 1cm or 2cm – 1 m (length of each strap 40 cm)
  3. Underband elastic width 0,8 or 1 cm – 1,5 m
  4. Rubber band width 3 cm – 40 cm
  5. Elastic band width 0,6 cm – 50 cm
  6. 2 rings, 2 sliders, width corresponding to the width of the strap elastic
  7. Channeling width 1 cm – 30 cm
  8. Hook & eye closure 2.8 cm wide- 1 pcs.
  9. Plastic bones length 8 cm – 2 pcs.
  10. Reinforced sewing thread (thickness 100-120) – 1 spool and/ or on the looper textured thread (thickness 160-240)- 1 spool.
  11. Needles super stretch 75/11 or stretch 75/11

Reguired tools and supplies

  1. Sewing machine
  2. Stream iron
  3. Tailor’s around last for wet heat treatment of a bra
  4. Ironing board

Also need tailor’s needles, glue marker, ultra-fine pins, tailor’s chack, rotary cutter (you can use regular scissors, but suggest using a rotary cutter to get the most precise cut), cutting mat

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